Being a Man in Today’s World is Challenging!

Are you being the best partner, father, or example to others? Are you prepared to be a great man? Are you living life with a spiritual foundation? This is an action call to a powerful journey of learning to live a life of high integrity!

Hi! I'm Coach Phil Donihe, and I'll be facilitating a group of men, primarily for ages 18-40, who want to create greater success in all areas of their lives. We will study the book Be Brave and Arise together, and I will guide you through a new and deeper understanding of how to leverage and grow your character strengths. This is an action group, so you will set ambitious, yet realistic, goals and achieve them in a systematic way.

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A man provides his thoughts:

“When I hear ‘Be Brave’ I feel empowered and ennobled. It honors the weight of the dark forces I face in the world each day, as we are truly heading out into a horrific and dangerous battlefield. Nothing other than true heroism, self-effacement, fearlessness, and ultimate detachment seem to be called for in this day when the forces of darkness think they are winning the battle of life.

“The call to be brave and arise also tells me that I have great opportunity for heroism, and for achieving our ultimate objective which is nearness to God. I appreciate that someone believes I can handle the raw truth and has faith in my inner strength. It’s a call to arise to something greater than myself, regardless of what I perceive my strengths to be, and it’s a call to nobility. And that empowers me."

We live in a world with few and inconsistent moral standards, and most behaviors, at least at the level of media, are portrayed as acceptable.

With negative news abounding, political leaders willing to say or do almost anything that suits their immediate purpose, long-standing organizations and institutions in decline, and the level of trust and respect for other people declining, sometimes it can seem like our society is falling apart in front of our eyes.

In the middle of the chaos of some aspects of our human society, gems of shining hope can be seen. The light of principles-based living exists and is spreading. The Be Brave Action Group is one of those gems.

You are not on this journey alone. The Be Brave Action Group was created to walk alongside you with a spiritually-based approach to life, backed up with systematic approaches that enable practical translation of principles from the Baha'i Faith into daily life. You do not need to be a Baha'i to participate and benefit.


You may not know yet the personal satisfaction, self-confidence, and empowerment that comes from striving to achieve personal integrity with clear, purposeful goals. You may not yet have in place people to support your progress with honesty and encouragement. The Be Brave Action Group will sharpen your vision and give you the accompaniment, process, and tools for how to achieve these and more.

The Be Brave Action Group is a spiritually-based and powerful process towards self-mastery led by a coach with decades of experience with coaching men to have strong character and achieve their goals in life.

Finally, a systematic approach, with a spiritual foundation, coaching, collaboration with others, and specific goals and actions that leverage character strengths enables you to create a new level of self-mastery!



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With the Be Brave Action Group You'll Get a 6-Month Subscription, Paid Monthly, Including:

In-depth personalized goal-setting, action planning, and follow-through in a professionally coached group setting

A copy of the eBook Be Brave and Arise, by S. M. Alexander

​​Sessions focused on group-selected topics vital for your life (from Be Brave and Arise - see list below)

In-depth discussions and interactions with other men on their life journey

6- month online subscription to InnCharacter, a systematic and confidential approach to develop your character virtues and to celebrate your efforts, progress, and positive life impacts

26 Be Brave Action Group Sessions, held weekly for 90-minutes each, focused on real-world application of elements of Be Brave and Arise (a total of 39 hours of group coaching)

Our Special Offer TO YOU - This Amazing Value Package, on a 6-Month Subscription, is only $100 per month! That's less than $24 per session!!


Be Brave Action Group 21-1 sessions:

9:30 - 11:00 AM Eastern US every Monday

May 31, 2021 to November 22, 2021

Meetings on Zoom Videoconference

Topics that we will explore, deep-dive into, and translate into reality with you:

Part 1: Beginning My Journey

1. Exploring the Current Reality of My Life

2. Being a Spiritual Man—An Adventure

3. Navigating Spiritual Manhood—Some Preparation

4. Creating a Support System—The Value of a Safety Net

Part 2: Challenging Myself—Growing My Light Force

5. Understanding My Best and Building from My Not-Yet-Best

6. Developing Spiritual Habits—Connecting to God’s Light

7. Reducing Resistance and Aligning with Positive Action

8. Developing My Character—Increasing My Light

Part 3: Building Health and Well-Being on My Quest

9. Striving for My Mental Health

10. Striving for My Emotional Health

11. Striving for My Physical Health

12. Striving for My Sexual Health—Some Context

13. Striving for My Sexual Health—Spiritual Principles and Challenges

14. Striving for My Sexual Health—Building Understanding and Strengths

15. Striving for My Sexual Health—Grappling with Dark Forces

Part 4: Questing Through Life’s Challenges

16. Handling the Adulting Stuff

17. Learning and Growing from Difficulties

18. Cleaning Up My Messes and Going Forward

Part 5: My Bahá’í Community Life—Shining God’s Light in the World

19. Engaging with the Bahá’í Community

20. Making My Community Service Choices

21. Contributing to Respect, Justice, and Unity

Part 6: Thriving with Others on My Journey

22. Building Relationships with My Parents and Family

23. Fostering Healthy Relationships with My Friends

24. Establishing a Happy Relationship with a Partner

25. Creating My Marriage, Fatherhood, and Family

Part 7: Bravely Arising to Create My Future

26. Directing the Course of My Life

27. Learning and Working As Worship

28. Continuing the Quest for Spiritual Manhood

This Is Powerful!

“I highly recommend Phil as a consummate professional with expertise and passion for driving positive change. Phil is a tremendously talented professional and character coach who can help you realize why these are imperative for you. Phil applies an approach that works perfectly as leader, mentor, and coach to positively transform individuals.” – Mike McCarthy

“Phil is an exceptional individual and leader. Phil delivers successful outcomes by coaching and developing those around him though experience-based learning. Phil’s development of others is based in a genuine desire to see people grow and perform beyond their current level. I grew tremendously under Phil’s leadership and appreciate the trust he extended me. This trust allowed me to have valuable experiences that enriched both my personal and professional lives.” – Matt Gallegly

“There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life. There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.” – Jon Huntsman


Philip L. (Phil) Donihe is a leadership and men's excellence coach, character specialist, innovation expert, change management expert, and systems specialist. His diverse experience benefits clients through his deep understanding of human dynamics and applying coaching and unique systems that help individuals function at high levels of integrity.

Phil’s passion for growing capacity in people has developed from over three decades of specialized experience. He has worked with and learned about creating systems directly from Dr. W. Edwards Deming and also from applying the success principles documented by Napoleon Hill. Phil’s expertise has transformed the lives of many people.

Phil is certified to deliver insights to clients through the Character Foundations Assessment™ and the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®.

For questions, please email Phil at: [email protected] or call +1.423.667.7588 (US Eastern time).

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